Hitomi Bremmer
Creative Director
»I want to understand people.«
  • Hitomi is Japanese and lives in Karlsruhe.

Why does she like working at EDI?

  • New ideas are valued regardless of staff experience
  • She can fill many different roles: marketer, photographer, UX researcher and UI designer
  • Work is done in an agile way with a one-week sprint
  • People can choose where they want to work from: home office or office

What are her tasks?

  • UI development for the IoT framework EDI hive
  • Front-end development for the EDI website
  • Performing UX quality gates for EDI hive and the EDI website
  • Drawing story boards that visualise a client's current and future process
  • Writing user stories that serve as the basis for further development of the software
  • Communicating with colleagues via Slack and Discord

Her path to EDI:

  • She meets Thomas and Mohanad in 2018 at a bar in Osaka, for which she works as a web designer and photographer
  • She stays in touch with Mohanad, who is looking for a UI designer
  • She completes the Google UX Designer Course
  • With a working holiday visa, she then works for EDI on a trial basis
  • She liked it and has stayed in Germany