Machine and Process Automation with AI

In production, a plant is always put into operation with a certain expectation of quality. The plant usually runs optimally. However, if something unexpected happens and the quality is suddenly no longer right, it is often not so easy to determine the cause.

Acting with foresight
If, on the other hand, your plant is monitored by our artificial intelligence (AI)-based software, it recognises very quickly when something is wrong. Our software identifies the adjusting screws that need to be turned in order to restore quality. It informs an employee who can look after the machine and gives him the necessary instructions for action to restore the usual quality standard.

Monitoring your equipment with our software also ensures that predictive maintenance prevents problems and delays in the production process from occurring in the first place. Our software tells you in advance when machines need to be serviced or parts need to be replaced. This ensures that production has to be interrupted as little as possible.

When new plants are put into operation, they usually have to be calibrated individually, especially if different materials are used or new products are produced. Here, too, the use of artificial intelligence is very efficient. We combine physical and chemical fundamentals with the empirical knowledge in the heads of your experts on site and your existing data. From this, we develop a data model that the artificial intelligence can work with. Our Effect Chain Editor is based on a patented solution to formalise the expert knowledge that exists in your company or organisation so that the AI algorithms can be pre-configured.

You don't need a large amount of data to get started
Artificial intelligence needs data that it can analyse and compare. But with us, you don't need to collect mountains of structured data to get started. Thanks to our patented solution from the field of semantic web, we can start lean and fast with just a few data sets, and you will benefit immediately from the optimisations of the processes.

We do more than analyse data: Our engineering know-how is in the data models that are precisely tailored to your use case and with which our AI monitors and calibrates your equipment and optimises your processes. Use our experience to stay one step ahead of your competition!


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