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We Build AI Solutions for Environmental Efficiency, Automated Mobility, Process Automation, Business Intelligence.

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Together, we develop your tailor-made digital product in three simple steps:

Identifying your use cases

In a compact workshop, we build up a common and detailed understanding of your use case. We will point out data-driven business models with the aim to increase your profits directly.

The results are:
Data-driven solution approaches for optimising your critical process steps in order to save time and money and to increase quality.

Digging up the treasure buried in your data

We quantify your gut feeling by intelligently combining and analysing data from different sources through artificial intelligence. Already after this step, you will be able to get answers to questions that nobody could answer before.

The results are:
Decision models and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can use immediately.

Deploying your digital product

Your applications run where you want them to run: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Siemens Mindsphere, your own IT infrastructure, or directly on the edge (e.g. directly on your machines). The finished application can access your existing data sources through open interfaces.

The result:
The application is seamlessly integrated into your system environment via efficient interfaces.

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