Software Tester

Analytical skills, error tracking, software development methods, UML

System Analyst

Identify which functionalities are required by the user/customer and drafting user stories for our apps, EDI hive.


Customer contact, business and marketing strategy and presentation design. English and German are required.

UI/UX Designer

Creativity, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, knowledge of HTML / CSS / SCSS / Bootstrap

Back-End Developer

Python, Django, Database (MariaDB), Ruby on Rails

Front-End Developer

HTML, React, CSS, Javascript

Data Scientist

Statistic knowledge, machine learning, data mining techniques, Python, Tensorflow / Keras, MYSQL or other databases

Apply Form

Hi! Welcome to EDI. We are constantly looking for motivated talents to join our team. Depending on your personal interests, skills and the current career phase, we will individually evaluate cooperation possibilities. We offer a young, innovative development team with a lot of space for own ideas and with many well-known industrial contacts also abroad.