Sebastián Garavano
Software Architect & Software Engineer
»First solve the problem. Then write the code.«

  • Sebastián was born in Argentina. He lives and works in the small town of Balcarce in the state of Buenos Aires

Why does he like working at EDI?

  • He can work for EDI completely remotely from his home country Argentina
  • He has a lot of freedom and has taught himself his skills in React JS, Node JS, Ruby on Rails, Python, Kubernetes and Selenium at EDI
  • He can fully use his skills as a software architect

What are his responsibilities?

  • Team leader and development owner of the core services team
  • Plan and organise the tasks of his team members
  • Testing the software with integration and HDOD tests
  • Performing code reviews in GitLab
  • Programming
  • Various tasks in the DevOps area
  • Communicating with colleagues via Slack and Discord

His path to EDI:

  • During his studies in Argentina, he worked at a research institute that offers a Double PHD with KIT in Karlsruhe
  • At the Physics Institute in Karlsruhe, he implemented a piece of code in the analysis system to integrate the detectors developed there
  • There he met Heinrich Blatt (CTO of EDI), who offered him to work for EDI.
  • Sebastián accepts the offer and becomes one of the first employees of EDI