Valeriia Iakovleva
Senior Frontend-Developer & Software Engineer
»You can make a difference in the world.«
  • Valeriia is originally from Kyrgyzstan and lives about 20 km from Karlsruhe. She works from her home office. She is only in the office when necessary.

Why does she like working at EDI?

  • Valeriia appreciates to solve problems, that's what she likes about her job
  • She likes the organisation and planning of work
  • She especially likes programming
  • She has the opportunity to develop personally
  • The software is tested extensively, which is very important to her
  • She and her work are appreciated
  • Through projects like the Well-Being Barometer, she can make a difference in the world

What are her tasks?

  • She is team lead of the application team, which takes care of the apps of the Python framework Django
  • Coordination of the sprint process with planning, daily and review
  • Front-end development with React
  • Communication with colleagues via Slack, Discord and WhatsApp

Her way to EDI:

  • Distance learning course at KSTU (Kyrgyz State University)
  • Already had experience as a team lead and in project management before EDI
  • She meets Mohanad on a language learning website
  • She sent him a CV and did two internships at EDI
  • Afterwards she got a contract for a full-time position