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We make your machines intelligent with AI-powered parameter prediction

As the world gets digitalised and most machines are connected through the internet, it has become inseparable from our lives. Since then, there have been a lot of discussions on how we could make the machine smarter and make our lives easier. Here, EDI comes into play, contributing to making your machines intelligent.

EDI hive IoT Framework predicts parameters correctly to customised machines and keep a constant process quality. Therefore we save our customers' time as well as costs. For instance, we formalised the existing expert knowledge of OTEC Company for their grinding process from the internal Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system data using our EDI hive IoT Framework. This enables us to predict the result of the manufacturing process and automatically set and optimise the relevant parameters of the machine tool for new components. 

As a result, we successfully reduced calibration time for OTEC from 60 minutes to 5 minutes. This for sure makes the process more efficient and reduce our customer’s costs. Additionally, customers of OTEC can place an order of tools easily with our EDI hive. As you can see, we simplify the process not only for OTEC but also for their customers. 

Pressebox (05.11.2020):