Identify critical parameters on technical drawings

Details on a technical drawing

...our application is trained for this!

We have automated the time-consuming process of identifying production and quality-relevant parameters on technical drawings with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Ideal for contract manufacturers: Quickly create new offers

Display of similarities found in the technical drawing.

A similarity is defined based on several characteristic criteria. Characteristic values are formed from the parameters recognised by the algorithm, which are then weighted and compared. Similar drawings for which offers have already been made are thus reliably found.

Individual training

With our automatic training and validation pipeline, we can train your individual properties very quickly and accurately with just a few training data. Your specific elements with the associated tolerances and test dimensions are then reliably recognised on your technical drawings.

Working intuitively

The parameters found are highlighted in colour on the drawing.

Export to any desired format

Whether as an Excel file or directly as a test report: The values of the elements determined with the help of the AI can be exported in any format.

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