Tame Your Excel Monster...

Tame Your Excel Monster with the Semantic Tables from EDI!

...with the Semantic Tables from EDI!

Your Excel file is unusable because the amount of data is simply too large? Too many users produce chaos and valuable information disappears in the comments? Then we have the solution for you with our Semantic Tables!

From overloaded truck to sports car

From overloaded truck to sports car

Excel is not made for complex data structures. Our Semantic Tables scale wonderfully in all directions thanks to the semantic data structure, making them extremely flexible and customisable. Transform your formulas and macros into secure and transparent business logics.

Fast migration of your data

The migration of your data is possible without much effort on your part. This means our solution is quickly ready for use in your company. The data can also be linked to other existing systems without any problems.

Get started right away without any training!

The Semantic Tables look like Excel, so you can get started right away with no learning curve because you're already familiar with how to use it. You can also benefit from functions that are not available in Excel: easily navigable, multidimensional tables that are semantically linked. This way you can find your data quickly and reliably.

Get started right away without any training!


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