Best practices in Artificial Intelligence & funding opportunities

Best practices in Artificial Intelligence & funding opportunities

In the online event “Best practices in Artificial Intelligence & funding opportunities”, which will take place until February 24, providers and users of AI technology have the opportunity to come together to advance the digital transformation together. They will have the opportunity to find new international partners to develop business and technological AI projects. In addition, possibilities for financing in the European context are shown.

Eight success stories will be presented in which AI has been used successfully. One of these success stories is AI-based automated offer generation and workload planning for contract manufacturers, which Dr Thomas Freudenmann, co-CEO and co-founder of EDI GmbH, presented there last Tuesday.

The AI-based solution enables contract manufacturers to use neural networks to automatically recognize technical drawings that are usually available as PDF files for a request for quotation. Similar drawings for which quotations have already been created are reliably found using technology from the field of “semantic web”. The web application is implemented in the EDI hive IoT framework, which can be easily integrated into existing IT environments thanks to the open interfaces.

The event is organized by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the FZI. Our special thanks go to Nuria Camp Alabau, Natalja Kleiner and Sebastian Felzmann for the opportunity to be part of the event and to present our solution for the digitalization of business processes through AI.


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