Competence Atlas Electro Mobility South-West

Competence Atlas Electro Mobility South-West

The joint competence atlas of the two clusters Electro Mobility South-West and Fuel Cell BW shows the competences at the business location Baden-Württemberg in a compact form. The aim of the atlas is to support companies in their search for suitable cooperation partners. The search can also be limited geographically in order to find possible partners in a specific area.

The atlas of competence has recently been visually and functionally revised. As a member of the Electro Mobility South-West cluster, EDI GmbH presents itself in the reference work as a versatile generalist when it comes to advancing digitalisation in companies through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

EDI GmbH's range of services includes individual software solutions, new digital products and the development of new, sustainable business models. The focus is on being able to optimise, control and monitor processes, machines and plants in a simple way.

The areas of application for EDI's AI solutions are very diverse and range from Industry 4.0, autonomous driving, electric vehicles, battery technology, mechanical and plant engineering, life science, e-health and process engineering to applications in forestry. What is special about EDI GmbH's approach is the combination of the knowledge of the experts on site in your company, with automated machine learning (autoML).


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