Delegation trip UK "Automated and Connected Driving"

Delegation trip UK "Automated and Connected Driving"

Dr Thomas Freudenmann, co-founder and CEO of EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence, is part of the delegation trip "Automated and Connected Driving" to Great Britain from 17-20 May 2022, which is being led by the head of the State Chancellery and Minister of State of Baden-Württemberg, Dr Florian Stegmann.

In his luggage, Dr Freudenmann has the research projects GOSAIFE, RELAI and ANRORX, in which EDI GmbH is involved as a partner.

GOSAIFE is an AI-based safety assistant in navigation systems that provides road users with information on possible traffic risks in real time.

RELAI offers an efficient validation of autonomous driving functions in defined application areas. The goal is a virtual certification of automated driving functions. 

AnRox aims to develop an optimised drive system for automated electric vehicles. As a project partner, EDI GmbH has the task of developing and validating a replacement system that will take over in the event of a failure of the primary system. 

In addition, there is the in-house DRM solution, which enables autonomous driving systems to manage various risks in road traffic as dynamically as experienced and responsible human drivers would. 

Dr Freudenmann will use the opportunity to exchange views with British experts from business and science and to discuss cooperation approaches.


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