Platform economy in the health industry

Platform economy in the health industry

In the series "11 Questions to..." of the Kompetenzzentrums IT-Wirtschaft - Mittelstand 4.0 - Thomas Freudenmann Co-CEO and co-founder of EDI GmbH had the opportunity to answer 11 questions on the topic of platform economy in the health industry. The focus of the conversation was on EDI GmbH's motto "AI with people and for people", which is particularly important in the use of artificial intelligence in the health sector, and the Well-Being Barometer. 

The Well-Being Barometer is a solution for seniors who live alone or in an assisted living facility and who still manage their daily lives independently. The Well-Being Barometer detects the current well-being of the seniors. Caregivers and relatives do not have to worry, because they are informed immediately of any changes. This prevents accidents and the seniors feel safe at all times.

Our thanks go to Mittelstand 4.0 - the competence centre for the IT industry -, Cyberforum and dehub karlsruhe.

The interview was conducted by Jakob Ilg, project manager at the KIW location South, represented by the CyberForum in Karlsruhe. Many thanks for the excellent moderation!

You can find the whole interview on our You-Tube-Channel.The interview is also available as a podcast.


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