Becoming a Sustainable Business with the Support of AI

Becoming a Sustainable Business with the Support of AI

EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence supports business to become more sustainable with the combination of formalised expert knowledge and AI-based Hybrid Models.


How to benefit from becoming a sustainable business?
Everybody is talking about sustainability these days. More and more customers expect enterprises to offer products and services created sustainably, but what does it mean to become a sustainable business, and why is it important?

Simply put, sustainability is a business approach to creating long-term value by considering how a given organisation operates in an ecological, social, and economic environment. Thus, adopting a sustainable business strategy will foster company longevity.

How can EDI GmbH contribute to sustainable business development?
EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence supports companies in implementing sustainable development and production processes through digital transformation. We formalise your expert knowledge of highly experienced specialists, which is crucial to the success of your business. In addition, we combine the formalised expert knowledge with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enables process optimisation and automation due to our so-called AI-based Hybrid Models. Last but not least, our EDI Scrum 2.0 process with the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) enables an ongoing development and adaptation of the solutions in operations. Together with us, you will be able to boost and scale up your business. Therefore, your organisation can operate more cost-effectively and improve the quality of products and services so that your customers will also experience the direct benefit.

Fight against climate change with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
In an ongoing joint project, "EDE 4.0" with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), we aim to support the decision-making process of foresters in order to preserve forests sustainably against severe climate change. Here, we are building up an AI-based Application so-called EDE 4.0 assistance system to support the forester in their activities, e.g., planting the correct type of tree in a defined area at the right time. Furthermore, the necessary activities of a forester are to be supported by using AI-based on district and stock-related data and medium-term and regional climate forecasts running on our scalable cloud-based EDI hive IoT Framework. Hence, we support the data-based predictive recommendation in the field through an established and well-proven decision-making process.

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Reducing CO₂ emissions by managing wastes with IoT
In another ongoing project, we contribute to a sustainable development process with AI-based predictive power plant control. As a result, the burning process is optimised by accurately controlling defined firing temperatures with variable fuel compositions in a waste incineration plant. Furthermore, we support improving handling the waste to make the burning process environmentally friendly with our digital product EDI hive IoT Framework. Hence, the waste incineration plant successfully reduces CO₂ emissions and saves energy costs up to 160 m³ / h natural gas. It equals saving over 0.5 million euros per plant and year, which a conventional waste incineration plant needs.

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Increasing efficiency of the Biofuel production process with AI
Another excellent example of how EDI supports sustainable business transformation is the innovative bioliq® process. This project is an answer in the search for sustainably produced, high-quality biomass-to-liquid (BtL) fuels from residual biomass. Together with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), we increase the output of second-generation synthetic fuels up to 10% with variable biomass in the pilot plant. Furthermore, as we figured out the optimum of energy and resources through AI applications with EDI's hybrid models, we make a valuable contribution to sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. Consequently, costs can be saved not only in the output process but also in the control processes.

The project also aims to re-train the AI-based applications for other chemical process plants easily and use them directly without the need for AI and programming knowledge, for example, in the cement industry.

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Our real-life examples prove that becoming a sustainable business offers various advantages: increased efficiency and cost reduction and competitive advantage through improved customer recognition as a responsible company. Benefit your business by becoming sustainable and positively impacting the environment, community, and society as a whole.

We, EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence, ourselves are also actively involved in sustainability to support many businesses and projects. Let us support your business to embrace sustainability and position yourself as a market leader by embracing sustainability with us.

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