Increase turnover and save costs with AI

Increase turnover and save costs with AI

Time is money. A lot of wisdom in three simple words. To put this wisdom into practice and benefit from it, you should carefully check the time that processes take within your company. They are everywhere, those processes and tasks that are complicated or that create a bottleneck, for example in the quotation phase or when calibrating a new manufacturing process. These tasks are time consuming and cause high internal costs. Or sometimes you don’t even have enough staff capacity for it. Either way, you'd be better off spending your time on your core competencies, which brings you the most value. Being supported on this path by experienced service providers such as EDI will lead you efficiently and sustainably to your goals.

We are specialised in optimising business processes in a wide range of industries through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Today, the use of AI enables the optimisation of processes that were not possible a few years ago or that could only be implemented by a few experts in the company. A real leap in quality and cost reduction is achieved when AI can significantly automate and optimise complex processes and tasks without expert knowledge. This is exactly what artificial intelligence is made for: to relieve us of work that is complicated and time-consuming and to make it easier. It is clever to let the algorithms work for you!

In addition to optimising processes, we are also particularly good at developing customised, new digital products. AI and modern IT technology also enable the creation of entirely new digital business models. Suddenly, digital services are possible for your customers, which are based on your previous business model and your current products and expand them, so-called smart product service systems (sPSS). These are new digital offers that your customers no longer want to miss. They open up new possibilities which you can actually earn money with!

In order to identify processes within your company that are worth optimising and to develop new digital business models, we conduct a compact design thinking workshop with you. We take a close look at the processes within your company and develop a common and detailed understanding of your processes. The results of the workshop are concrete digital, data-driven solutions to optimise your critical process steps in order to save time and costs and increase quality.

Start small

We extract the treasure from your data by combining and analysing different data sources with our AI. You think you have no data at all? You'll be surprised where data is hiding that can be used for process optimisation or for new digital services! But with us, you don't have to collect mountains of structured data to get started. Thanks to our patented solution from the semantic web, we can get started quickly and easy with just a few data sets. Our approach enables us to enrich the data-driven algorithms with your process knowledge collected over many years and physical, chemical and electrical laws of nature. As a result your relevant KPI´s are accurately determined by our AI with just a few data sets. Each new data set is simply added, analysed and compared with all other data sets. The result is refined step by step and then used to control machines or processes. We follow a very result-oriented approach and support you from the very first data set. The focus is always on a quick return on investment. Starting small and earning money quickly with the first solution is the key to success.

Seamless integration

Our solution can easily receive continuous updates to be maintained and expanded. This allows us to develop cost-effectively and expand the functionality step by step. Our application integrates seamlessly into your existing system environment: from your ERP system to a wide variety of cloud services, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Siemens Mindsphere, Google Cloud or your own internal server landscape. It is available as a white label solution with open standardised interfaces, allowing you to develop and distribute further services independently. 

If you are a mechanical engineer, for example, then software development is an area in which you first have to meticulously build up specialised knowledge. You know how important it is for machines and systems to be modular and maintainable, and for appropriate monitoring to be carried out during operations. This is what we guarantee for your software components. You become more professional as a company when you hand over tasks to a specialised service provider like us. Here you can benefit from our extensive experience by concentrating on your actual tasks while we take care of the sand in your gearbox. 

Let's talk without obligation about where the shoe pinches you and where there are tasks and processes that rob a lot of your valuable time. Nowadays, many things are possible thanks to new technologies. Let the algorithms of artificial intelligence work for you and concentrate on developing smart product service systems (sPSS) that keep you one step ahead of the competition! Let's get started together!


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