One hundred percent quality in the welding process with our AI solution

One hundred percent quality in the welding process with our AI solution

"Trust is good, control is better", this is especially true when it comes to the quality of weld seams. You promised to deliver consistent and high quality to your customers.With our solution for non-destructive inspection of weld seams and spot welds that reliably meet quality criteria, we can help you to keep your promise easily. By using artificial intelligence (AI), our solution lets you take full control of your welding process. The production process does not have to be interrupted for quality control, because our AI evaluates the welded joints in real time.This enables control without downstream inspection. The time-consuming random testing you currently use gives you only random results that you cannot rely on. It's time to try something new!

Evaluation of existing process data instead of optical inspection

We don't use image recognition for quality control, for which expensive cameras have to be purchased and installed first and where some welded joints are not recognizable at all. We use the data from the sensors that you already have, such as electrical current flow, temperature or the focus position of the laser. This data already exists and is ready for immediate use. By evaluating the process parameters with our AI, we can reliably check the quality of every single welded joint during the production process.

Humidity, room temperature, materials from different manufacturers, all these factors play a role in the welding process and are considered by ourAI solution for controlling and ensuring consistent quality of the welded joints. With our solution, we can also predict when the electrodes need to be replaced (predictive monitoring). This saves time and costs by avoiding unforeseen interruptions to the production process. With our standard interfaces, we calibrate our AI solution to your process quickly and efficiently. You determine the depth of system integration.

Get started now! Your customers will be happy about a guaranteed one hundred percent quality and you will be happy about a quick return of investment! We look forward to hearing from you. 


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