Securing the well-being of the elderly through an innovative AI solution

Securing the well-being of the elderly through an innovative AI solution

EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence offers a digital eHealth solution with the support of AI and IoT networking to secure a well-being Barometer for the elderly.


Ageing society requires innovative solutions in the medical sector.
Germany is currently one of only five "super-aged" societies globally. Moreover, the population over 65 will continue to grow, reaching nearly one-third of the total population by 2050. Therefore, the healthcare sector has begun to embrace e-health solutions as a part of a broader effort to improve service to the older population. Getting along with these current trends, EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence offers digitalised solutions in artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) networking.

How to secure the well-being of the elderly?
Our AI-based Application "RICHI” ensures the secured and private well-being of the elderly by informing their well-being status to relatives and caregivers all the time. Furthermore, we can prevent critical situations in the first place because acute conditions would be displayed and even announced in advance. Additionally, RICHI recommends how urgent a visit is and whether the elderly is currently present or not.
We are working together with IoCare GmbH (, the supplier of the RICA solution, the intelligent well-being notification system with the support of an IoT-Gateway. It is a solution to learn the daily routine of the elderly in their home with a remote sensing technology while taking important privacy into account. All personal data and privacy are protected and granted as no image, or sound recording is required in IoT and AI-based evaluation.

The problem of existing solutions, for example, emergency call systems, requires active actions by the elderly as they must call or ask for the help of others by themselves, even in critical situations. Hence, one cannot secure the elderly 's well-being because the elderly 's current well-being remains unknown.

How does our AI-based digital solution work?
The AI-based hardware and software solution, RICHI, learns the movement habits of the elderly within four weeks. Once the unnoticeable sensor is set up in a room of the apartment, it can detect and quantify significant data and combines it with other information, e.g. from a visit of the caregivers with the support of automated Machine Learning (autoML). Thus, one aggregated well-being value of the elderly is displayed. In the future, further relevant data could be linked together semantically by utilising continuously updated data such as event calendars, weather data, and the like.

Consequently, the elderly does not need to actively operate a device in critical situations and carry it anymore. Our digitalised e-health solution follows up current information about the condition of the elderly constantly. Hence, we successfully provide a high level of caring service so that the elderly can be independent of time and space. The caregiver can see necessary visits at a glance, and relatives can get the current information status whenever they want.

Discovering potential in the medical sector
Going one step further, we firmly believe that our joint project has infinite potential in eHealth, especially in this pandemic situation. With the support of autoML, AI- and cloud-based applications, we can accelerate digitalisation in e-health solutions. For instance, care services such as "meals on wheels" or medical services can benefit from this AI solution. Moreover, the solution can be expanded with additional applications to meet their needs in the future. The project “RICHI” is funded by Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau Baden-Württemberg as part of the AI Innovation Competition Baden-Württemberg.

As organisations that offer assisted living, they can check all the status at a glance of the elderly with AI-based solution RICHI. And as a relative, you can be connected emotionally to the family member that is accompanied by these well-being barometers. Let us support your business with our innovative AI-based solution so the elderly can live independently on their own.

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