The future will be built with artificial intelligence

The future will be built with artificial intelligence

Just as laptops and smartphones are ubiquitous and part of our everyday lives today, artificial intelligence (AI) will also be an integral part of our everyday lives in the future. AI will provide us with information and support us in making decisions in subtle and effective ways. No tourist in the British capital carries a map of London with them anymore. You only rely on the smartphone with an intelligent app, such as Google Maps. How to move through the city, what things to look at when and where to find a restaurant, all these decisions are supported and influenced by the smartphone with the intelligent app. This example shows how AI has already changed our lives and anticipates what the transformation of the economy and industry will look like: more connected, more intelligent and therefore also more efficient.

AI has already arrived in some industries and areas of life today, but not yet in others. Many industries are still facing major transformations through digitalisation. One of these sectors is the construction industry. Digitalisation has long since found its way into this sector, opening up new and unimagined possibilities: from design and visualisation to planning and implementation. Through the use of digital technologies with AI, a circular economy is now possible. The basis for all these changes is BIM (Building Information Modelling). In this type of networked planning, all relevant data of a building is digitally recorded and structured.  This forms the ideal basis for feeding an AI with it and getting answers to the questions of how buildings can be planned, built and operated more efficiently, economically and also more safely.

Bianca Weber-Lewerenz, senior consultant, project manager and expert for value-based digitalisation and AI in the construction industry, interviewed Dr. Thomas Freudenmann, CEO and co-founder of EDI GmbH, on the topic of »AI in the construction industry«. The information from the interviews has been incorporated into the book »BIM and AI in Science and Corporate Practice«. 

EDI GmbH is an impulse generator, knowledge carrier and guidepost here, because the international team of experts knows how current challenges can be solved with the support of AI and how new business models can be introduced profitably. It is also about demystifying AI and achieving the greatest possible benefit for society, companies and employees through the use of AI, because people are always at the centre of all applications of AI at EDI GmbH. People are actively supported by the new intelligent technologies in their everyday working lives and enabled to make better decisions.  

The KARL project (Artificial Intelligence for Work and Learning in the Karlsruhe Region) is also concerned with how work and learning will be influenced by AI in the future. The influence of AI on work and learning is made visible and tangible in real laboratories. KARL also offers networking with experts and access to knowledge. Cooperative learning between experts and AI is the approach taken here by EDI GmbH, which is part of this groundbreaking research project as a partner. Together with semantic technologies, this creates concrete solutions for more relaxed and sustainable shift planning in the production of kitchen sinks and in customer advice at a travel agency. The employees are thus actively supported by AI in their daily tasks. 

It was a special honour for Dr. Thomas Freudenmann to be invited by the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, on a delegation trip to London last year. With the above example of smart navigation, Dr. Freudenmann was able to show that the work in the health sector will also be relieved by the use of AI in the future.

EDI GmbH optimises business processes in a wide range of industries through the use of artificial intelligence and develops customised digital products and the associated business models. Contact us if you also want to benefit from our experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


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