Usability thought through to the end

Usability thought through to the end

How often do you stand in front of ticket vending machines or machines for parking tickets and don't know exactly what to do or where to pay? Especially when hardware and software are combined, a holistic view of usability is crucial for the user experience and thus also for the success of the product. EDI GmbH specialises in thinking usability from start to finish and validating it on site with the users. 

Whether user interfaces for digital products or the operation of hardware: the user of the end product is always the focus at EDI GmbH and is involved in the development of the product at a very early stage through an active dialogue and short feedback loops. The most important thing here is to recognise and understand the real needs of the users. 

If hardware and software are combined, usability does not stop at the interface of the software on the screen, it already starts when the device is switched on and off. This holistic approach to usability, as EDI understands it, becomes very clear in the example of the well-being barometer: the well-being barometer is a solution for seniors who live alone or in an assisted living facility and who still manage their daily lives independently. A single sensor, inconspicuously mounted on the wall, perceives the senior's movement habits and learns them with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This enables the sensor to predict the well-being at any time. Caregivers and relatives no longer have to worry, because the current well-being status is always made available to them. In case of changes, they are informed immediately. This prevents accidents and the seniors feel safe at all times. 

Understanding what is really important

By talking to the people on site who will use the finished product, it was possible to identify and understand fears and anxieties about the operation. At a very early stage of the product development, this made it possible to adapt the design, processes and operation accordingly.

The result is a solution where the caregiver of the seniors does not need any technical understanding to use the product. A screen is mounted on the wall of the office. It is simply plug-and-play to start up by plugging the screen's connector into the wall socket. This starts the small single-board computer connected to the Internet, which is located on the back of the screen. A short time later, the well-being status of the residents of the assisted living facility, whom the well-being barometer accompanies unobtrusively in their daily lives, appears on the screen.

Through regular dialogue with the end users, it was possible to make even more improvements to the product, which then corresponded exactly to the expectations and needs. For example, the display of the current well-being status, which was initially indicated by a coloured traffic light with red, yellow and green, was replaced by smileys with a corresponding facial expression.

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