We boost your production with hybrid models based on your expert knowledge

We boost your production with hybrid models based on your expert knowledge

As the main key of the overall business, production is crucial to company. Therefore, the company thinks of a way to accelerate their productivity. The best quality of product with the least cost and fast process is a dream to any company. By boosting production, corporations can create a planned and strategic approach to business improvement that focuses on the business' key leverage points to bring rapid improvement. EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence supports companies with their production process by providing three advantages; helping automate processes, ensuring quality and making the process easier and faster.

Together with ITC-KIT (Institute of Technical Chemistry in Karlsruhe Institut of Technology), we built a project in terms of an AI-based hybrid model with expert knowledge for the optimisation and monitoring of power plants. Expert knowledge for the calibration of the AI-based algorithms is formalised in order to discover the optimum. Consequently, we succeeded to reduce NOx emissions by 38% compared to conventional combustion processes. Therefore, they can keep constant quality in reducing their environmental footprint by optimising natural resource consumption and lowering sources of pollution during the whole process.

With our AI-Hybrid models, we kill two birds with one stone. EDI GmbH assists your corporation not only to maximise the production with the least cost but also to minimise unnecessary processes that could be a bottleneck to your company. Let us support you in leading your business to the next level.


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