We integrate easily into your IT with standardised and open interfaces

We integrate easily into your IT with standardised and open interfaces

The Internet of Things (IoT) can bring numerous benefits to organisations by enabling them to transmit data and automate tasks without requiring any manual intervention. Since industrial IoT focuses on automation, it contributes not just to lower operating costs but also to increase productivity, improve business processes, enhance customer experience, expand to new markets, and generate additional revenue streams. Our EDI hive IoT framework evolves your business processes by integrating easily into your existing IT infrastructure.

EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence developed a smart battery monitoring system with the aim of digital representation of the batteries, so-called EnergyTubes, facilitating their optimal usage in different areas of applications such as electric bikes, electric vehicles and home energy storages. As a result, we were able to undertake an online monitor of crucial performance parameters showing the State of Health Status (SoH) of each EnergyTube.

Evidently, IoT makes everyday objects smart by lightening the workload with automation and increasing efficiency. Together with our EDI hive IoT framework, let us ease your systems to communicate with you and your customers. 

Pressebox (10.12.2020): https://www.pressebox.com/pressrelease/edi-gmbh/We-integrate-easily-into-your-IT-with-standardised-and-open-interfaces/boxid/1036445


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