We keep you safe on the road with our dynamic risk management

We keep you safe on the road with our dynamic risk management

Driving is considered a high-risk activity. It involves not only the driver but also the surroundings on the street including pedestrians. The situation on the street is sometimes not as expected and the movement of people is sometimes unpredictable. Looking at the number of accidents, EDI GmbH decided to analyse critical incidents in traffic, especially focusing on the driver’s decision-making process in those situations and the behavior of pedestrians and cyclists in critical situations.

In this Dynamic Risk Management, we combine human situation awareness with machine precision for safer and robust driving in unstructured situations. To reduce the number of crashes and incidents, EDI GmbH, IPG Automotive GmbH, University of Stuttgart and Fraunhofer IOSB work together on the project RELAI - Risk Estimation with a Learning AI funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

Our product, EDI hive IoT Framework, is used to generate a catalog of synthetic test scenarios for the development of autonomous vehicles and to make them available to the public via a web portal. In addition, the EDI hive IoT Framework is directly linked to the mCloud, the data portal of the BMVI, so that this project also helps to build up a comprehensive mobility database in Germany.

Link to RELAI’s website: http://relai.edi.gmbh/en/

Pressebox (28.10.2020): https://www.pressebox.com/pressrelease/edi-gmbh/We-keep-you-safe-on-the-road-with-our-dynamic-risk-management/boxid/1029532


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