Finding Similarities with AI

Finding Similarities with AI

A central ability of artificial intelligence (AI) is to identify similarities. With our semantic web solution, you can get started right away.


With our solution there is no need to gather large amounts of data. You can get started right away.

A central ability of artificial intelligence (AI) is to identify similarities. To do this, AI needs data that it can analyse and compare. But with us, you don't have to collect mountains of structured data to get started. Mountains of data: That's Big Data. Thanks to our patented solution from the semantic web, we can get started quickly and leanly with just a few data sets. Each new data set is simply added, analysed and compared with all other data sets. In this way, the result is refined step by step. We thus support you from the very first data set. The result is a well-structured Big Data!

Our approach from the semantic web offers many advantages: If you search for "pizzeria" on Google, not only are the individual pizzerias listed, but other useful information is also displayed: e.g. how the pizzeria has been rated, where exactly it is located, what the opening hours are and even whether more people than usual are there right now. Providing answers to questions that have not been asked: This is the semantic web. Applied to business issues, this means that we are able to interconnect different systems, intersect data and thus provide information that enriches the result of the AI in such a way that the greatest possible benefit is created for you as a customer. An example of this is the recognition of relevant parameters on technical drawings in order to create quotations for customer enquiries. After the image-recognising AI has automatically semantically recorded defined parameters, another AI determines the similarity to other technical drawings, i.e. to components to be produced, by comparing parameters such as length and diameter. A similarity of 80 to 90% is already sufficient here. Subsequently, the information from the ERP system is added, which provides similar offers to the component found on the technical drawing. In this way, the data of the similar offers already created can be used for the customer enquiry and the matching offer price found by our system can be transferred. This saves time and the system becomes smarter.

In our compact design thinking workshop, we define together with you not only the business goal that should be achieved through the use of AI, but also the relevant parameters and the information that is interesting for you. 

If you are thinking about using AI in your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your specific question and first steps!


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