EDI Team

Thomas Freudenmann

Managing Partner & CVO

Dr.-Ing. Dipl. Wi.-Ing.

As the Managing Partner & CVO, Thomas has been working in the field of semantic web, AI-based algorithms and digital business models for more than 10 years. He started in 2008 when he was a member of the research staff at the IPEK - Institute of Product Engineering Karlsruhe at KIT. While he was a member of IPEK, he also gives lectures to KIT students. He finds pleasure in teaching students because to him it is important to teach the younger generation to the direction of what the future will bring. Thomas got his doctorate degree in 2014 with a doctoral thesis titled “Ontologies for the Validation of Products based on the Contact & Channel Approach (C&C²-Approach)”. Not only experienced in the technology area, Thomas is also our marketing and sales master.


  • “Teamwork and Creativity Management” at the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management at the KIT
  • "Drive Train for Production Machines and Vehicles" (Focus: Industry 4.0) at the KIT
  • “Tools for Visualisation” at the KIT
  • “Technical Communication” at the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe